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We've been pretty quiet on here regarding the process of building this new studio, but here are a few updates on what we've gone through and where we currently are.

As you know on June 1st we received the keys to our new room. As ecstatic as we were, we already noticed many issues with the building work that had been done to our room as well as all the many rooms in the building.

  1. Our room wasn't acoustically treated within the walls as we were promised.

  2. You could hear noise from the rooms next to us and from the hallways

  3. Our windows weren't properly fitted

  4. The pipework was exposed, this is a safety hazard.

  5. We were missing a breaker box and our electric power was limited to only 20amps (Which was good enough for a standard studio, but we needed a lot more.

Initially, we were quite annoyed, but we thrive on problems because that is where we create the solutions.

We immediately got someone to better secure our windows. We bought pipe covers to cover the exposed pipes. We eventually found the electrician that worked on the building and got him to upgrade the power in our room and add a breaker box and help us with our lights and electric work.

Lastly, we couldn't get the landlord to sort out our acoustic treatment because it was only promised in person but not in the contract we signed. Therefore we had to press on and fork out a few more grand to build a 'room within a room' ourselves. Which set us back for 2 weeks+.

Another major problem we faced was getting the materials we needed in order to start work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the DIY stores were either closed or low on stock, which also delayed us.

Regardless, we had no choice but to make it happen. We weren't going to allow any setbacks to stop us. We had to make do with what we had.

Eventually, we came across more and more problems, but each time we worked around and through them, coming up with more solutions.

What have we done so far:

  1. Built the extra walls and professionally acoustically treated them from within, using Rockwool, Tecsound, and 2 layers of plasterboard.

  2. Built the booth and acoustically treated it with Rockwool & Tecsound

  3. Begun work on the framing for the ceiling

What's left to complete:

  1. The starlight ceiling

  2. Booth glass door

  3. Flooring

  4. Main double doors

  5. Fabric materials on all walls

  6. Finalising all the electric work

We're now aiming to be ready and fully operational by August 1st with an official launch.

We thank you for all your support, positivity, and exciting energy towards this project and we look forward to getting back to work with you all.

More updates to come soon...

VixMix Studios


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