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How Spotify Works: Artist Edition

We all know that Spotify is the absolute land of discovery. And if you don't know? well, now you know!

Over 345 million listeners discover the best of music right in the heart of Spotify. All centred around exactly 170 markets. Better yet, if you're an artist, Spotify gives you the chance to pitch new songs to a generous amount of well known playlists.

So, lets get into it !

What is Spotify for artists?

Spotify for artists is a platform specifically looking to connect you to your fans. Gifting you with a tailored app on iOS and Android devices, where you are able to have your own personalised dashboard in order for you to manage your profile.

Spotify gives you the power to build your platform as uniquely as you want it.

So its plain and simple, just be you!

The features include: artist pick and audience insights.

Artist pick notify your fans about your favourite music and audience insight gives you the rundown of who's loving your music and where they're listening. In addition, once your music is released you can see your streams live and watch your audience blossom!

You're probably thinking, "Pretty cool, but where do i start"?

Right here!

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Using your social media accounts, request access on Spotify for Artists. If a member of your team already has an account, ask them to send you an invite. Another way of gaining access is through the use of a preferred artist distributor such as, DistroKid and IGroove or label distributors such as, Independent Digital and The Orchard. Both handle the licensing and distribution to Spotify and also pay you the royalties earned when listeners stream.

When your profile gets the all clear you will get one of those blue check marks which simply means you're verified. Once you're verified, you're ready to go.

How to get playlisted on Spotify

When creating dope music it isn't just for yourself, right? It's because you want to be heard. This means your execution for making it on those playlists got to be priority.

As an artist you need to ensure that you get your music to Spotify as early as possible. This could be within weeks of your music being ready or a minimum of seven days.

Spotify receives over 20,000 songs every day!!

So aim to be the first!

Submitting a song

First, log into Spotify for Artists and pick a track from your collection that you love. One you can hear your fans singing the lyrics to or playing it on repeat.

Next, click ‘Get Started’ next to the release you want to submit. Choose your genre, moods, styles, language and type of recording. Tell them your city, a little backstory behind your chosen song, review it and submit it.

Ensure that you have all your tags right and your submission is early, in order to have a better chance of your song being picked and playlisted.

One thing for sure and two things for certain, the algorithms are designed to automatically deliver your tracks to your followers the week it comes out. But it doesn't stop there -

Share, share, share!!

Utilise your social media platforms and get the word out especially if you get on a playlist. your end result is to remain on that one playlist for as long as possible. Better yet, get the word out for a chance to feature on more than one. It all comes down to how much you value your music.

What if i already have music on Spotify but i still need to get access as an artist?

That's no problem!

Step 1: Head over to and click 'Get Access'

Step 2: Select 'Artist or Manager' and press continue

Step 3: Search your artist name or copy and paste your Spotify artist link into the search bar. (You can find your Spotify artist link by visiting your profile on Spotify and hitting the 3 dots that appear underneath your artist name. Click 'share' and 'copy artist link’).

How Spotify's streaming royalties work

Royalties are the cheques that an artists receives from streams. As an artist, you would be paid monthly. Spotify then calculate this using the total numbers of streams for each song and determine who owns each song and who distributes it. The rights holders are paid first, then the distributor (only if the rights holder and distributor are different ) and last but not least, you're paid.

So, whether you're in a position to make your own music, manage an artist or work at a label, Spotify for Artists gives you all the necessary tools to bring your work together.

Be transparent, be proactive, be an artist.

Written by Monae Rochelle

(Instagram - Ladymons_)


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