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Children Of Zeus: The next R&B icons

Children of Zeus are known to be Manchester’s “soul project for hip-hop heads”. Konny Kon (left) and Tyler Daley (right) are the two well respected artists who make up this soulful partnership.

Konny Kon is a DJ, MC and beat maker who was also formally apart of the Hip-Hop trio Broke ‘n’ English. Tyler Daley, also known as 'Hoodman', went from being hip-hop's favourite MC to one of the most precious soul singers to have been placed in the industry. His unique vocals have been featured on music from Soul II Soul, Bugsy Malone and Lisa Mafia.


"The music that we make couldn't have worked in the 90's. It had to be now for it to have the level of importance."- Konny Kon.

Children of Zeus have given us three albums. fusing each song with powerful neo-soul vibrations; Hip-Hop, Gospel and R&B. Their newest album is called 'Balance' which was released in the month of June 2021. Balance opens up with the song 'Sunrise'. A tune demonstrating straight harmonies and soft tones to the ears of listeners.

'No Love Song' being the second song, can seem quite the contradiction. This song is most definitely a provider of pure and gentle love in terms of its rhythm and slow-relaxed beat. But if you listen to the lyrics, you will soon realise that the title is exactly what it says.

'Balance' is an unforgettable 50 minute vibe which discovers the depth of Konny Kon's laidback flow and Tyler's classic vocals harmonised across a set of bass-heavy backdrops and artistic keyboard delivery. Remaining the most lowkey but ultimately the best in the neo-soul game, Children of Zeus take the blueprint from their debut and expand into what is now a deeper, more refined sound.


It's as simple as it reads!

Children of Zeus have made their swift entrance on to the scene and it looks like they're here to stay.

What do you think??

Type Children of Zeus on to all platforms and start from the beginning.

Sit back.. listen.. and thank me later!!

Written by Monae

Instagram: @Ladymons_


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