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Never underestimate the power of streaming platforms and their purpose. Where millions of people connect with the trendiest music suggestions, conversations and videos all in the heart of their devices.

FUN FACT: According to statistics analysed by Music Business Worldwide, 139.3bn audio streams were played within the UK across 12 months in 2020. This therefore saw the UK’s biggest annual growth in audio streaming volume, since the streaming volume only stood at 114.2bn in 2019.

So, where do we start??

Here we give you the top 5 streaming platforms designed just for you and your ultimate interests.


Spotify is one of the biggest digital streaming services, podcast and video platforms known worldwide. The accessibility is a phenomenal way of finding the greatest content and exploring the numerous benefits - whether thats creating the finest playlists or celebrating the high-quality streaming and audio quality.


It’s easy! Visit Spotify’s main page where you will be able to sign up absolutely free with no small print. If you have a Facebook account, you can sign up and connect using your personal profile. This makes it easier for you to find and follow family and friends, share and listen to music together.

Spotify Premium

The perks of going premium is that you are automatically levelled up. But at a small price. Premium not only gives you all the content you need and more but also allows you to travel abroad with your music for your entire trip (where Spotify gives you a total of 14 days) and pick and play ANY track on mobile.

Sounds pretty flexible right? Well, it gets better ..

There are four premium plans to choose from. Premium Individual, Premium Student, Premium Duo and Premium Family.

Premium Individual caters to all your music, podcast and audio book needs. Entirely just for you for £9.99 per month.

Premium Student allows individuals who are enrolled at a college or university to enjoy the benefits of Spotify at a discounted price of £4.99 per month.

This includes 50% off a Premium subscription and if you’re still eligible, the ability to renew this same subscription every 12 months.

Premium Duo caters to any two people who are living together. It is a discounted plan costing £12.99 per month. where each person receives their own premium account and also allows you to have a playlist in both accounts that matches both of your tastes. So, everyones happy!

Premium Family rewards up to 6 people living together for £14.99 per month. This package offers 6 premium accounts at one discounted price, a playlist that caters to everyones tastes and parental control over any explicit music.

No such thing as too many options!


Just like Spotify Apple Music is another well known subscription-base music streaming platform. Giving you access to a variety of content and even better, 60 million songs to choose from.

Apple Music gives you the chance to listen and discover. Whether that’s through your iPhone, MacBook or apple TV it is exactly what you make it. With its recurring software and app updates, Apple Music has recently given you the chance to not only search up the best music but also allows you to sing along with lyrics view. *Some songs may vary*

So theres no excuses when it comes to karaoke night!

Apple Music gives you the best of both worlds. A continuous stream of music solely based on all your interests as well as gifting you with the search bar which allows you to search up music that may be a little tricky to find, just by typing the lyrics you do know.

I know we’ve allllll been there!

So, how does it work?

When you’re ready, sign up to a FREE trial which gives you free content for the first three months. Next, choose the plan that is right for you. Whether thats an individual plan, a family plan or a student plan. Each have their perks.

The individual Plan gives you access to the full apple music library, recommendations and radio stations costing £9.99 per month.

The Family Plan gives unlimited access to up to six members in a household costing £14.99 per month. Giving the best music suggestions for all and allowing everyone to enjoy their love of music.

The University Student Plan caters to students enrolled in degree-granting universities and colleges costing only £4.99. Not only do you get the benefits of great music but students also get Apple TV+ for a limited time.

Be sure to make the best choice!


Youtube Music is some-what new as it was only announced in 2018. Nevertheless Youtube Music allows you to listen to official songs, albums, playlists and live versions of songs wherever you go. Although the adverts may be a little distracting in the moment, Youtube Music gives you an entirely free streaming service on your devices or throug

h the web.

I know how much we strongly dislike these adverts popping up in between songs and not being able to listen to your favourite music off the app, but there is always a solution!

Youtube Music is now offering Youtube Premium at a small cost of £11.99.

not bad right?

Youtube Premium offers you a 1 month free trial before any payment is due. This package includes, ad-free videos, the ability to download any video for those long days ahead with no internet access and continuous play of your favourite songs in the background even when your phone is locked.

It doesn’t get any better than that! Or does it?

Youtube Music goes hand in hand with Google’s clock app (If you have a google Play music subscription). This means that you have a chance to be woken up by your song of choice. Whether thats a loud, energetic song for the heavy sleepers or something calm and spiritual for the light sleepers. You pick your morning.


Deezer is a French online music streaming platform. Similar to Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube music, Deezer compliments its users with a comprehensive and well-connected service. Giving listeners the ability to engage with a variety of content from record labels and artists. It’s compatibility goes hand in hand with web services such as iOS, Android and Windows.

So, why Deezer?

Deezer rebranded its CD-quality tier back in 2017 which for them, was a year of big change. This gave

them the chance to make it accessible to more apps and platforms. This also included Xbox One, smart TV and Roku.

In order to get the best of Deezer, sign up using your Google or Facebook account or simply create a Deezer account. Whichever is best.

Deezer Free

Deezer Free is an ad-supported plan specifically designed for mobile devices. By listening to deezer on your phone, you are able to enjoy the perks of a wide range of playlists on shuffle mode and create your own collection. On the other hand, if you listen to Deezer free on a non-mobile device, you are only entitled to 30-second song snippets.

Not enough? Don’t worry it gets better ..

Deezer plans

Deezer Premium is the ad-free option that costs only £9.99 per month. Providing you with unlimited listening on all devices, unlimited song skips, full lyrics and offline listening. Not only does Deezer offer premium but just like Apple Music and Spotify, the £14.99 Family Plan is also available to six people within a household. In addition, Deezer gives both college and university students the chance to experience the Student Plan at £4.99.

Deezer HiFi

The difference between Deezer Premium and Deezer HiFi is that Deezer HiFi contains all the benefits of Deezer Premium with the addition of listening to FLAC tracks in lossless audio. In simpler terms, this means that whilst the detail from original recordings is retained and file size reduced, it also allows you to comfortably listen with High Fidelity sound. Almost like being directly in the studio.

Deezer HiFi is a separate subscription service giving you a 3 month trial for free and costing £14.99 per month. On an even better note, Deezer also gives you the opportunity to experience 360 reality audio. This allows customers to immerse themselves in experiencing spatial sound.

They say this is the future of music!

360 by deezer is an application found in the mobile app store that you can download in order to begin your experience. So, all those recorded tracks you have waiting to be played outside of the studio and with the same studio effect, can be found right in the heart of this app along with a pair of compatible headphones.

Bet you’ve never heard anything like it!!


Tidal is a little different from the rest of these streaming platforms. Not only are users equipped with higher-quality audio but artists also have more control over this platform. Yes, Tidal remains one of the biggest music streaming subscription services offering podcasts, music, live recordings and professionally curated playlists. But two specific elements are what separate Tidal from all other platforms.

Most may have heard the mention of Tidal due to it being owned by a group of musicians. From the likes of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Clifford “T.I” Harris and Coldplay. Only to name a few. Tidals mission involves directing their help towards delivering music and events to its members, paying the highest ratio of royalties vs revenues to music creators and acknowledging that equal rates are paid to artists no matter what type of label they are signed to.

Whew! Imagine a streaming platform being that involved!

Secondly, Tidal has a much more expensive “Hi-Fi” option that automatically jumps you to lossless audio. Remember we previously spoke about lossless? Well, Tidal provides users with CD-quality audio and hi-res music known as Tidal Masters.

Amazing right?

For some this may come as a shock, but Tidal does not offer a free subscription. On the bright side what they do offer is a 30-day free trial for new subscribers only.

Tidal Plans

Tidal Premium is a package deal that gives those who haven’t signed up yet, a chance to experience 120 days of standard music quality at a cost of £9.99 per month. Then there’s Tidal Premium Family. For every person you add on to your Tidal Premium, is an extra cost of £4.99 each (on top of the original £9.99 fee). This means that for each member paired to the primary users account, you pay half of the original subscription price.

You still with me??

In addition, Tidal High Fidelity service costs £19.99 per month. For each person added on is an extra £9.99 on top.

So, with all that being said most of these music streaming platforms have similar things in common. Whether thats the music quality, multiple plan options or the ability to download and share music freely - its all about picking your preferred platform.

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This is incredible. Makes me want to try out new streaming platforms thank you

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